In Their Own Words

Over 50,000 women have chosen to end their (terrible, excruciating, embarrassing, expensive) heavy periods with Minerva since its FDA approval in 2015.

Watch their stories. Then, imagine your life period-free.

Nina thought her only option to end her period was a hysterectomy. Then she learned about Minerva. Now she’s period-free.

“My doctor thought ‘We can fix this with hormones!’ and put me on the pill. I didn’t like it. Then I changed to a new doctor. She said, ‘Have you considered Minerva?’ I wish I had found her sooner!”

—Kelli H., Chicago, IL

Evanthia was shocked by the intensity of her periods when her hormone shots stopped working. She knew right away that she was NOT going to put up with it.

“On my heaviest days I couldn’t even go to the grocery store. Having Minerva has changed my life. One week later I hiked 15 miles!”

—Dana B., Goshen, IN, patient and RN

Krista wanted to wait it out till menopause–let nature take its course–and she paid a price. But today, she loves her freedom!

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